A bad tummy day

Having a very bad streak at the moment. My colon seems dead and i need tons of laxatives , which barely work anyway. today , a friend wrote me a message asking if he can come around. This should be something to be happy about….but for me it means extra pressure. Will I be ” empty” and feel decent by the time he comes around? As I am afraid of yet another impaction plus i don’t want to miss seeing him, I started pumping laxatives into my system even before breakfast. 5 to 10 minutes later, the intense pain started and i started getting hives. Thank God it’s Saturday and my fiancé was there  at my side while my body was trying to throw up. Yet, only saliva came out, i felt like I was suffocating. No, it’s not just constipation.

I went some and was feeling ok when my friend and his partner arrived. For 2 hours I forgot about my bad tummy day and had a really nice time. Moments like these are precious.

Is long-term use of laxatives safe?

Many people with severe chronic constipation (i.e. due to colonic inertia) can’t have a satisfactory bowel movement without resorting to laxatives. According to studies , this doesn’t cause the bowel to become lazier. Some of us need laxatives because something is wrong with our colon in the first place, which then makes us take laxatives as a result of a already low motility. Here is some info regarding this: